Baratta – Danza del incienso

Vitals: 2*.1.2.2 – – T+2 – str.  About 7’45”. Percussion is snare drum, bass drum, and cymbals. Orchestrated by Alejandro Muñoz.

Parts and score are available from the Fleisher Collection, catalog number 3749. The parts are quite tidy but handwritten. I’m working to typeset the score and parts, but (as of June 2018) I’m not finished yet. Should the parts be approved (following proofing) and enter the Fleisher Collection, I’ll update this entry.

There’s audio at this page (the organizing page of this project), from a live performance I conducted with students.

Maria de Baratta’s name is Italian, and she took it from her Italian-born architect husband. I’ve read that her father was the last chief of one of the few remaining native tribes in El Salvador where she was born in 1894 (her dates are listed elsewhere as 1890-1978). Studying piano and composition in Italy and then in San Francisco, where her solo recitals had some success, she returned to El Salvador, writing a two-volume work (740 pages) on the music of El Salvador, Cuscatlán típico, published in San Salvador c. 1951-2.


A page from Cuscatlán típico:


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