Dédé – Bees & Bumblebees

Vitals – strings only. The piece is not very technically demanding and is in D major. Young students may find challenges in the da capo form and with so many repeats, first- and second-endings.

It’s available from the Fleisher collection, catalog number 1223-s.

Here’s a performance on the Gowanus Arts Ensemble CD American Romantics:

I don’t know a lot about this particular Dédé – he’s overdue some more research, especially judging by the size of the collection held in Paris. However, my program notes from the CD are:

Eugène Dédé’s father, Edmond, was born in New Orleans in 1827, the son of immigrants from the French West Indies. After studies in Mexico (1848) and career obstacles under the antebellum segregation of New Orleans, Edmond left the USA, studying at the Paris Conservatory from 1857. In France, Edmond built a successful career conducting and composing, associating with composers including Adolphe Adam, Halévy, and Gounod. He married the Frenchwoman Sylve Leflat in 1864, and their son, Eugène Arcade Dédé was born in 1867.

Eugène Dédé’ became a conductor and composer like his father. His output was prolific – the opus number for Bees and Bumblebeesalone is 562, and the Bibliotheque National de France collection includes over 200 published compositions, from Sentimental Mazurka for piano (1886, when he was 21) to a song, Bebert de la Glazier (1919, the year he died). His oeuvre also includes many orchestral works.

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